If your air conditioner stopped working check these things below first. This example would be for a split system where the A/C is outside on the ground and the furnace is in the house.


No Air Flow?

  • Change your HVAC air filter if dirty

  • Open all registers

​Air Conditioner still not working? Most likely problem is — Bad blower motor/ capacitor, bad control board


Outside unit not turning on?

  • Check the outside unit, if not turning on reset the breaker labeled  ac air conditioning

AC air conditioning still not working? Most likely problem is — bad capacitor(s), bad condenser fan motor, bad compressor, failed contactor


Outside unit turning on but air conditioner not cooling?

  • If you can confirm the compressor and condenser fan motor are turning on and there is airflow inside the house and the air conditioners isn't cooling there is likely a refrigerant leak.

Most likely problem is — 85% likely leaking from the evaporator coil 10% likely leaking from the condensing unit


Nothings Happening / Thermostat is blank

  • Change the thermostat batteries

  • Reset breaker labeled furnace on main panel

Air conditioner till not working? Most likely problem is — low voltage short in the system, bad thermostat


Water leaking from ac air conditioning unit or from secondary drain?

  • The air conditioner's primary drain is (usually about 6 inches off the ground next to the A/C) Connect a wet/dry shop-vac to the drain and suck it out for a minute or so. If you collect a lot of water and its very dirty you may have unclogged the line, causing the water to get backed up. This resolves air conditioning water leaks, most of the time. Run the HVAC unit and monitor the problem. Call for service if it continues to improperly drain.


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