Furnace Maintenance You Can Do 

The nice things about most modern heaters is that they do not require much maintenance. Call for professional service if you have any concerns or if it's been years since being looked at. Otherwise, follow the steps below before using your heater this year:


  1. Change your air filter (should be done on average of 4 times a year).

  2. Change your thermostat batteries.

  3. Make sure all registers are open to prevent overheating.

  4. Turn on the heater, if its the first time open some windows as the dust will burn off of the heat exchanger.

  5. Check your smoke alarms and get a good carbon monoxide detector with a digital readout. Most detectors I see in people's home are low quality and won't alarm until levels are above 400 ppm (parts per million).  The ones with the digital readout typically will show levels above 20 ppm and will set off the alarm with less exposure.


That's it!  Most times the heater will turn itself off, if there's a problem. So, if it's running you're most likely in good shape.


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