If your Furnace stopped working or is acting up check these things first before calling for service:


Furnace has a burning smell?

If it's the first time you are turning on the heater for the season this is normal. The dust is burning off of the heat exchanger and it may even set off your smoke alarm. Open your windows and let the furnace run for ten minutes. If the smell gets worse turn the furnace off and call for service.


No air flow?

  • Replace your HVAC air filter, if dirty

  • Open all registers


Furnace still not working properly? Most likely problem is — Bad blower motor / capacitor, bad control board


Air blows out of the vents but it's not hot?

There is a good chance the furnace is overheating.

  • Open all registers

  • Replace air filter

  • Reset power if needed — either at main electrical panel or if furnace is accessible unplug it and plug back in

Nothing happening / thermostat is blank?

  • Change the thermostat batteries

  • Reset breaker labeled furnace on main panel 


Air conditioner still not working? Most likely problem is — Low voltage short in the system, bad thermostat


If you tried doing the items listed and your Furnace still isn't working, call (916) 671-5542 for service.


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